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HEAT offers a platform to enhance tender visibility and attract more bidders by providing clear tender definitions, community highlights, easy access to local and specialty contractors, and training opportunities, thus improving the potential for better pricing and project outcomes.



Attract More Bidders To Your Tenders

Scope of work is very important to contractors who bid on jobs. Clearly defined tenders attract companies to bid on work. Your membership will include access to industry professionals who can provide you with knowledge you need to write and post tenders that receive submissions that have pricing that represents the expectations.

Highlight Your Community

Would you like Manitoba contractors to know more about your municipality? Not every RM contracts out the same type of work and HEAT would love to be a platform for you to share that. Are you looking for opportunities to share what you are doing well and to ask questions of others about how their Public Works Department handles similar situations?

Let Us Provide Easy Access To Local And Specialty Contractors

Get to know HEAT members and the type of work that different companies do, through our multiple networking events and the advertising that companies do through our Association. Building relationships and “putting a face to the name” is key!

Easy To Find Links To Your Tenders!

Tenders are not always easy to find on RM websites. A membership with HEAT will allow you to post a link to your tender on our Bid Opportunity Page. These links will also be provided to Contractor members through our weekly newsletters.
Increasing your number of bidders provides an opportunity for better pricing!

Access To Training

Our training portal at has some excellent courses, with more in development, that members access at discounted pricing to train operators of heavy equipment and end dump trailers.