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Be A Part of Something Great!

As the saying goes “It Takes A Village”! Be a part of our community and use our tools, resources, and connections to build your company profile! Receive our newsletters and emails with important information such as road restrictions, compliance standards and breaking industry news. Reference our rate guide for pricing trends and view our “Zone Rate Map” online! Develop relationships with other business owners and give yourself business advantages!

Your Interests Represented

Do you sometimes feel that there are just too many burdensome regulations? It’s hard to change Government legislation and contracts as an individual company but with a group of like minded companies behind you – anything is possible! H.E.A.T. has had a voice with both Municipal and Provincial Governments for over 30 years and are called to the table to share our experience on a regular basis. If you have concerns, or ideas for improvements that need to be shared, we want to be your liaison. Your involvement makes our voice stronger!


Our Association partners with other groups who bring together industry representatives for the greater good of a variety of our members. Some of our current partnerships and initiatives are:

  • RPM’s Safety Council
  • SAFE Roads Manitoba
  • Manitoba Motor Carrier Enforcement Newsletter Column
  • City of Winnipeg Best Practices Online Orientations
  • Development of Snow Removal Resources and Legislative Changes
  • 1 Life Workplace Safety Software Solutions – HEAT Exclusive Forms & Templates

We work collaboratively on these initiatives with other organizations to make sure that the best possible resources are available to our members. Our members have the experience to bring new ideas and solutions for industry issues to the table. These programs are strong resources because of the collaboration between the different groups. If you have interest in being a part of any of these projects, please contact our office.

Your Questions Answered

Our Board of Directors and our Manager of Stakeholder Relations have over 100 years experience between them and are available to answer industry-related questions for Trucking/Contractor Members. Our Board of Directors commit their time each month because they want to see a strong community of companies. We strive to create a safe and healthy work environment where success comes from working together instead of against each other. This can be accomplished when we share information and understand our costs.

Your Equipment Advertised

Our Specialty Equipment Catalogue is a great way to make sure that your equipment is getting called to jobs. As our Association continues to grow, we hope that our website will grow to be the #1 place that companies or municipal governments refer to when looking to hire equipment in Manitoba.

Networking Opportunities

It’s all who you know!! So much of your business will come about from a previous contact. Weather plays a big role on a day-to-day basis in our industry and it’s not uncommon to have to look for work when a project gets canceled at the last minute. Aggregate companies often get large orders and have to scramble for extra trucks. Are they familiar with your company? Making connections is one of the greatest things you can do to propel your company’s success. Our events are well attended by the people you want to know!!! Get out of the office and make some connections!!

BFL Breakfasts

HEAT is lucky to have BFL Canada Risk & Insurance Services as a huge supporter of our Association. Each year BFL sponsors multiple Breakfast Sessions with Industry and moderates’ discussion on topics of interest chosen by our members. Sit down for 2 hours with other contractors and get new ideas on Workplace Health & Safety concerns, Human Resource Solutions, Insurance Questions, Current Industry Hot Topics and more! Choice of breakfast is provided while you learn, listen, and engage!

Discounts & Savings

HEAT has paired together with multiple businesses to bring you member pricing on group health insurance, promotional items and safety software solutions. Save money by becoming a HEAT member!

$295 plus GST/per year


Stay Connected

Keep your finger on the pulse of the industry by staying updated on issues such as compliance and road restrictions. Know what issues your customers face and stay current on developments within the industries.

Networking Opportunities

Meet and mingle with other members and industry contacts by joining a committee or attending our various member events which include our Annual General Meeting, Curling Funspiel, Goldeyes “Patio at the Park, Golf Tournaments and Fall Banquet & Dance “Vegas Style”. A great opportunity to bring customers out and thank them for their business as well as making some new connections yourself and your office!


Looking to increase your visibility? We offer a number of advertising opportunities which include our very popular Deskpad Calendar which will be distributed to the desks of hundreds of industry partners and HEAT Members. Your business card sits in their line of sight while they work each day! Our Website & Membership Directory are also great places to show off what you do!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring industry events and meetings are a great way to show your customers that you appreciate their business. Many HEAT sponsorships come with the opportunity to attend an event which gives your potential new customers the opportunity to put “a face to your name”.

Our Hi-Level Sponsorship Packages let your customers know the value that you place on their business. Have your name front and center at all of our events! Packages range from $3500 (Bronze Level Sponsorship) to $10,000+ (Platinum Level Sponsorship) and include your membership fees, advertising,  event attendance and sponsorships. A great way to budget your marketing dollars throughout the year!

Discounts & Savings

HEAT has paired together with multiple businesses to bring you member pricing on group health insurance, promotional items and safety software solutions. Save money by becoming a HEAT member!

$395 plus GST/per year


Attract More Bidders To Your Tenders

Scope of work is very important to contractors who bid on jobs. Clearly defined tenders attract companies to bid on work. Your membership will include access to industry professionals who can provide you with knowledge you need to write and post tenders that receive submissions that have pricing that represents the expectations.

Highlight Your Community

Would you like Manitoba contractors to know more about your municipality? Not every RM contracts out the same type of work and HEAT would love to be a platform for you to share that. Are you looking for opportunities to share what you are doing well and to ask questions of others about how their Public Works Department handles similar situations?

Let Us Provide Easy Access To Local And Specialty Contractors

Get to know HEAT members and the type of work that different companies do, through our multiple networking events and the advertising that companies do through our Association. Building relationships and “putting a face to the name” is key!

Easy To Find Links To Your Tenders!

Tenders are not always easy to find on RM websites. A membership with HEAT will allow you to post a link to your tender on our Bid Opportunity Page. These links will also be provided to Contractor members through our weekly newsletters.
Increasing your number of bidders provides an opportunity for better pricing!

Access To Training

Our training portal at has some excellent courses, with more in development, that members access at discounted pricing to train operators of heavy equipment and end dump trailers.

ONLY $195 plus GST / YEAR