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We are so pleased to have such a great staff working for the HEAT Association. All of our employees work part-time which allows us to benefit from a variety of the skills they each bring to the table. Read more below to see who to contact when you have a question or need assistance!

Bruce Henley

Bruce Henley was contracted by HEAT in 2023 to work alongside our City of Winnipeg, Provincial/Municipal and Snow Removal Standards Committees. As the former Mayor of West St. Paul, Bruce is well connected and has been a huge asset in advocating on behalf of our association. Our board members have benefitted from his expertise as well as his impartial perspective in high level discussions. Bruce publishes a monthly newsletter column to keep our members up to date with the work himself and his committees have been doing.

Shannon Hiebert

Shannon has been our Membership Liaison since 2017. Shannon acts as the office manager in addition to overseeing the Hi-Level Sponsorship Program, planning the Association events, sending out weekly newsletters and creation of new resources for our members. If you have industry or membership related questions, Shannon is the person to connect with - she enjoys bringing people together and connecting them with each other.

Maureen Jordan

Maureen is our financial administrator and has been with HEAT since 2019. In addition to paying the bills, she assists with events and she manages the documents of the Association. She is our go-to person for “tech support”.

Jenna Tenszen

Jenna is the newest addition to our office, starting in 2024 as an administrative assistant. She works part time hours and will be responsible for updating member information, selling advertising and assisting at member events.