H.E.A.T Member

Buffalo Driver Training

Contact Person : Vanessa Morduhovich

Address : 1221 Sherwin Rd

City : Winnipeg

Province: Manitoba

Postal Code: R3H0V1

Phone Number : (204) 633-7697

Cell : (204) 997-6409

Website : /buffalodrivertraining.com/

About the company :

Buffalo Driver Training is an industry leader in Class 1, Class 3, and Air Brake training in Manitoba.

We are longstanding members of the Manitoba Trucking Association and for 5 years in a row, have won the Consumer Choice Award for Best Truck Driver Training School in the Winnipeg & Greater Region.

Our company exists to serve the industry by providing quality education to new drivers… and today, more than ever, the demand and ability to hire new drivers has become more and more challenging. We want to work directly with employers to make lasting relationships and provide relevant information on training, funding, and grant opportunities to help all trucking companies to attract, train and retain a workforce for now and for the future.

We are looking forward to working with you to meet your training and hiring needs!