H.E.A.T Member

Fleet Profit Center

Contact Person : Todd Smyth

Address : 260 Marion St

City : Winnipeg

Province: Manitoba

Postal Code: R2H 0T7

Phone Number : (204) 668-8534

Website : www.fleetprofitcenter.com

About the company : Services provided are Telematics, GPS tracking, Asset Tracking, Hours of Service, ELD and IoT solutions. Fleet Profit Center is made up of a dedicated team of industry experts who are committed to service excellence. We have over 15 years of experience in the telematics industry. With specific experience as business owners, operation managers, fleet management, dispatching, IoT solutions, software development, custom software integration, technical service and support. We are a Winnipeg based telematics and software development company with a customer base that spans Fortune 500 companies, Government and small to medium-sized enterprise organizations in Winnipeg, across Canada and the United States