I Have A Concern – How Can You Help?

From time to time, members may have questions or concerns that our Board of Directors can assist with. In order to make sure that you are directed to the appropriate member, we require that questions and concerns are channeled through our office. Our staff will reach out to the Board of Directors and the appropriate Director will reach out to assist you within 72 hours.


Why Shouldn’t I Reach Out To A Board Member Directly?

Our goal as an association is to always provide consistent and correct information. Sometimes it will be necessary for the Board to discuss the best way to assist you. Additionally, as our Board is made up of volunteers, it is essential that you get to speak not only to someone who is knowledgeable about the subject, but also who has time to respond in a reasonable amount of time. Often, what is important to one member, is important to many members and tracking the number of times that issues are brought forward, allows us to use our resources to represent members best. It also helps us to set objectives moving forward. This information is also useful in choosing future forum and seminar topics.


What Types of Assistance Can be Provided by the Board?

Level 1 – Individual Concern Isolated to 1 Member

(ex: I received an overweight ticket that I want to fight. How do I go about it?)

Level 2 – Individual Concern Affecting Multiple Members Where Policy or Procedure Exists at the Governing Body

(ex: I think the wing payment needs to be increased on hourly graders)

Level 3 – Individual Concern Affecting Multiple Members Where Policy or Procedure Needs to be Modified, Altered or Created with the Governing Body

(ex: I would like to see restrictions changed on a provincial hwy.)

Please email memberservices@heatmb.ca or call 204-654-9426 to have your questions/concerns directed to the appropriate Board Member.