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Inland Aggregates - Division of Lehigh Hanson

Contact Person : Rick Brown

Address : 2494 Ferrier Street, Box 4080, RPO Redwood Centre

City : Winnipeg

Province: Manitoba

Postal Code: R2W 5K8

Phone Number : (204) 777-5383

Fax : (204) 224-3431

Cell : (204) 941-3267

Website : www.lehighhansoncanada.com

About the company : Inland Aggregates, a division of Lehigh Hanson has been in business since the 1950's. Formerly B.A.C.M., B.A. Construction Ltd, B.A. Materials Ltd, and Inland Aggregates Ltd., in it's infancy, was responsible for the majority building of the Red River Floodway and its bridges. B.A.C.M. changed it's name to B.A. Construction Ltd in the 1970's when it was purchased from the Grey Nuns (later to become CBR Cemetries), by Genstar Land Developments. In the mid 1980's, Imasco, a U.S. based company began a hostile stock market takeover of Genstar Land Developments, and became the new owner. However, Imasco was only interested in the purchase of Canada Trust (owned by the Genstar brand), and started selling off many of Genstar's subsidiaries, where B.A. Construction was sold back to CBR Cemetries, and the name changed to B.A. Materials Ltd. in the 1980's shortly before B.A. Construction closed all construction operations in 1989 leaving the materials, cement, and concrete pipe operations maintained. In the late 1990's, Heidelberg Cement "merged" with CBR Cemetries to become the second largest Concrete and Building Supplies organization worldwide, and changed it's name to Inland Aggregates Ltd, to streamline the Inland Concrete, Cement, and Pipe branding across Western Canada and the Northwest United States. In 2007, Heidelberg Cement purchased Hanson Building Materials and its subsidiaries to become the worldwide leader in Construction Building Materials and became Inland Aggregates, a division of Lehigh Hanson. We have continued to work closely with the construction industry in the Province of Manitoba, and throughout western Canada and the northwest United States to continually grow our communities and improve quality of life. Please feel free to visit our website and view our commitments and initiatives to the industry and our communities as well.

Services Provided :
  • Sand, Gravel & Limestone
  • Others