Networking Events

All of our events are made successful by the generous sponsorships of our members. Click on an event below to see how you can gain exposure for your business at our next event!! New in 2019, our “Hi-Level” Sponsorship Packages combine your membership fees, advertising, sponsorships and event registrations into one of our best values! Get early bird registration, guaranteed advertising space and many more perks by enrolling as a “Hi Level” Sponsor today!

We appreciate your sponsorships!!! One of the goals of our Board of Directors for 2018 was to figure out how we could show our appreciation to our faithful supporters. Many of our members come out to events, advertise and show their support through Sponsorship Opportunities numerous times throughout the year and we want to make sure those companies are recognized.

The result was our “Hi-Level” Sponsorship Packages which bring you premium perks for committing to being a “Hi Level” Sponsor. These Sponsorship Packages are completely customizable, allowing you to set a budget that works for your company in advance. No more having to scramble to get tickets or wait for approval – it’s all done once a year and you can pay in 1,2 or 4 installments. If you happen to need an extra seat at an event or want to switch Sponsorships – no problem – we can work with that! If your company hasn’t been contacted about a Hi Level Sponsorship Package – email us at – we’d love to work with you!!

Platinum Sponsors - BFL Canada Insurance

Gold Level Sponsors -

Silver Level Sponsors - Gee Tee Holdings, Toromont CAT

Bronze Level Sponsors - Canadian Business Automation& Online Services, Mack Manitoba