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Kerry Minsky

2017 was a busy year for our Board of Directors and this Association. We have focused on a number of changes and spent countless hours ensuring that HEAT is in the trenches with both the City of Winnipeg and Manitoba Infrastructure. In addition, one of our big focuses has been developing better ways to get information to our membership. In order to be successful, we need the input of each and every member. Our intentions are always to better the industry we all work in, and it is imperative that we do this with the input of our Membership.

A new Newsletter is being distributed commencing February of 2018, and will continue with updated news as it comes in. This will be a great way for us to pass along the information to you, the members. Our new HEAT Website will be up and running in early 2018, giving us a greater forum to distribute information to our membership. Watch for an updated Rental Equipment Directory and Haul Rates for Stonewall and Pine Ridge pits on a licensed digital Sherlock Aggregate Map.

Our many networking functions, including our newly introduced breakfast forums have allowed us both the opportunity to pass on information as well as meet and network with our peers in the industry. Our 1st Annual Curling FunSpiel was a huge success and we look forward to adding new events throughout the upcoming years.

HEAT has taken on the lead role in the development of an online “Best Practice” Snow Removal Orientation for all workers employed in snow removal services for the City of Winnipeg. HEAT and The City Of Winnipeg believe a basic online orientation will help alleviate snow removal damages and increase production and quality of product within our City. Such a course will help reduce cost of training to our membership as well as provide a better understanding of the expectations we put upon their operators. It is a future goal of our Association to be able to offer a variety of basic training orientations for a variety of services that our membership provides.

We will continue to work closely with our Provincial and Municipal Governments and other Associations in Winnipeg and Manitoba to ensure continued investment in industry growth and infrastructure. Current infrastructure requires constant maintenance to maximize longevity and cost effectiveness. HEAT will continue to pressure our government partners to ensure increased spending on maintenance of existing infrastructure and new infrastructure.

HEAT will also continue to assist in the development of the RPM safety program for our Aggregate Trucking members as a comparable replacement of COR. RPM is in place and is being used by a number of our members. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Association if you have questions pertaining to this certification.

My second term will continue to focus on information. Information relayed to our membership of the benefits we can give to them. From the bid hourly guarantees at the City of Winnipeg and MI policies, to increased support rates and safer work in our industry, HEAT is here to support our membership.

With a tough year behind us, we are working with all levels of government to ensure sufficient levels of sustainability in our industry. With the declining state of infrastructure and the lack of government budgets to address this problem, we are finding larger contracts, which in some cases are eliminating smaller and medium size contractors from the equation. Manitoba is built with hundreds of small to medium size contractors that require a voice in our Industry and we will continue to work on your behalf, ensuring we are that voice.

For many years the Heavy Equipment & Aggregate Truckers Association of Manitoba has produced this directory as a service to our members, key industry partners and government agencies. This directory is continually used as a powerful marketing tool for our members, both contractor and associate.

We will continue to encourage our membership to utilize not only its content, but the services of its supporters and our own membership.

To our Associate members, please know how much we value your support and willingness to sponsor the multitude of events that we offer. If you have suggestions as to how we can better serve you as members, please contact Shannon in our office.

We look forward to an exciting 2018 with lots of new member benefits and a new location for our office! Be sure to watch your mailbox for our newsletters and stay up to date with all of the exciting news we have to share!

Kerry Minsky


Dallas Hiebert
Immediate Past President
Ray Bateman
1st Vice-President
Tony Malanchuk
2nd Vice-President
Darren Barnhart
Rick Brown
Michelle Magdic
Martin Gurtman
Richard Wiebe
Lee Williamson
Peter Vogiatzakis