President's Message:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Board of Directors's for the confidence they have to appoint me as HEAT President for the next two years. I am looking forward to commencing my term, and using it to better our Association, its membership, and the industry that we all work in. I plan on using 30 years of industry experience, along with members input and concerns to help continue utilizing HEAT Inc. as a powerful voice in our industry.

In order for this to happen, I would extend my invitation to any and all members to share your concerns, or any advice you may have relating to our industry, with our Board and staff, so that we can utilize our numbers to help resolve any issues. Strength in numbers can make change happen, and we have that opportunity with HEAT. Our goal has always been to represent our industry as that one voice, as well as give our membership the networking opportunities needed to sustain a healthy and prosperous business.

We will continue to work closely with our Provincial and Municipal Governments, and other Associations in Winnipeg and Manitoba, to ensure continued investment in industry growth and infrastructure. Current infrastructure requires constant maintenance to maximize longevity and cost effectiveness. HEAT will continue to pressure our government partners to ensure increased spending on maintenance of existing infrastructure, and new infrastructure.

HEAT will also continue in assisting to develop the RPM safety program for our Aggregate Trucking members as a comparable replacement of COR. We will keep our membership informed on this program regularly.

My term will focus on information. Information relayed to our membership of the benefits we can give to them. From employer discounts for employee benefits, to higher hourly rates for their equipment, HEAT has a lot to offer.

In early 2017 HEAT will commence a quarterly newsletter highlighting details of committee reports, and what has been going on in our industry. The end goal will be a monthly newsletter, and we will include historical accomplishments this association has had over the years, some of which are not well known by our membership.

To ensure this newsletter, and additional sources of information relating to our industry is successful, HEAT Inc. has recently hired an additional staff member.

I would like to formally welcome Shannon Hiebert to our staff. She has assumed the position of Membership Liaison, and we expect her to be in contact with members on an individual basis over the coming months. In addition to the newsletter, she will be insuring information is shared through social media and improvements to our website. Please welcome her as she gets to know our membership.

For many years, the Heavy Equipment & Aggregate Truckers Association has produced this directory as a service to its members, key industry partners and government agencies. This directory is continually used as a powerful marketing tool for our members, both contractor and associate. We will continue to encourage our membership to utilize not only its contentm but the services of its supporters and our own membership.

As most are aware, I have enjoyed over 30 years of growth of both HEAT Inc. and our industry. I was lucky enough to work with my father, Paul Minsky, when he and numerous other contractors founded the Heavy Equipment Rental Association of Manitoba, which eventually amalgamated with the Independent Dump Truck Association of Manitoba and became HEAT Inc. I had the opportunity to watch him work with other industry related Associations. I, myself, had the privilege of being nominated President of H.E.R.A.M in 1998/1999. I was witness to many challenges over the past 30 years, and truly look forward to working with the Board and our membership to face the challenges our industry will encounter in the future. I consider this opportunity a privilege, and will serve this association, and its industry we represent to the best of my ability.

Kerry Minsky

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